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Biohacking is a method of comprehensive diagnostics and body tuning at Mitra Clinic

Utilise the hidden capabilities
and reserves of your body!

Complete body diagnostic and innovative healing methods developed in Silicon Valley are now available in Moscow!

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Biohacking at Mitra Clinic
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What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a health monitoring system based on determination of vital indicators of an individual, which allows to not only reverse the biological clock, but to also utilise hidden reserves and capabilities of the body to enhance mental and physical performance

Biohacking allows you to be at the forefront of modern science and medicine and to start receiving medical benefits that will be introduced in a few years

This term was first introduced in the Silicon Valley (USA), the leading global “centre of attraction” for developers of high-tech science-intensive projects, a place for the development of global innovations.

The term appealed to many famous people, bankers and investors from the Wall Street, who experienced the positive force of biohacking - after all, high working ability, good health, aesthetically pleasing appearance are modern signs of a successful person.

All biohacking methods are supported by evidence-based science

What constitutes biohacking?

Biohacking program at the Mitra Clinic includes two interconnected units:

Consultation, diagnostic, development of an individual recovery program and enhancement of mental and physical performance

Repeat diagnostic, consultation and program correction.

Development of long-term measures to maintain health and a high quality of life

Diagnostics and consultation

Full body scan on a medical hardware-software system. 98-100% accuracy.

Determination of risks of developing diseases at an early stage, when they can be eliminated quickly, painlessly and without a trace

Determination of the condition of all organs and systems (including lymphatic system, muscular system, skeletal system)

Incorporation of patient feedback systems for configuration of cells and tissues for healthy functioning

Alternative diagnostics by meridians and biologically active points, based on the principles of ancient Indian medicine and traditional Chinese acupuncture

Assessment of patient’s psychological and emotional state to help prevent development of many dangerous pathologies, including cancers

Genetic testing (DNA testing) to assess the full picture of the risks of diseases, digestion processes and breakdown of toxins, as well as determination of most effective exercises for each individual

Identification of information embedded on a genetic level - it cannot be changed, but the knowledge about it can be used to improve performance and quality of life

Achievement of comprehensive and 100% accurate results

Minimal degree of medical intervention - genetic material is collected with a cotton swab from the mouth

Increased effectiveness of preventative measures against development of genetic disorders

Biochemical profile

Determination of biochemical values essential for active longevity

Determination of accurate hormonal status based on gender and age

Determination of functional disorders of internal organs and systems

Guidelines for determination of deviations - for Biochemical longevity panel with stricter than the accepted average standards

Consultations by specialists

An individual “roadmap” is put together for each patient based on diagnostic results, which identifies a specific specialists on the biohacking team at the Mitra Clinic, with whom additional consultation should be sought

Development of an individual program promoting wellness, longevity, and improvement
of the quality of life


Nutritional system. Selection of a diet based on the DNA test, diet correction, removal of foods that are harmful to the body or cause an unfriendly reaction. Use of original developments to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease through diet.


Activation of brain activity. Regulation and activation of cognitive functions of the brain - thinking, attention, memory, creative abilities. Individual selection of naturopathic tools.


Physical activity. Development of an individual regimen (exercises, schedule) of optimal physical activities to normalise weight, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and enhance muscle elasticity.


Stress management. Work on reducing physical and mental sensitivity to stressful situations; alleviation of physical response to stressful situations.


Detox and adjustment of hormonal status. Active removal of toxins from the body, adjustment of hormonal balance. Drug-free fight against age-related manifestations (menopause in women, andropause in men).


Sleep. Improvement of sleep quality, facilitation of sleep onset, countering chronic fatigue syndrome. Enhancement of working ability, improvement of physical condition.


Aesthetics. Preservation of health and beauty of the skin and hair, overall rejuvenation of the body.

And the result?

Each of our patients achieves a guaranteed decrease in metabolic and biological age proven by evidence-based medical data

Katarina, 30 years old, Slovenia:

“The second time I go to Mitra Clinics. After the treatment I was given here, I feel good and positive. I'll come again! ”

Larisa, 65 years old, Israel:

“I came from Israel with untreated radiculitis. In the clinic, they approached me comprehensively - a chiropractor, a nutritionist, and a specialist in full body scans were engaged with me. An amazing procedure showed all the problems of my body and confirmed my diagnosis. They brought me to the clinic - and now I feel very good ”

Karina, 22 years old, Switzerland:

“I went to the clinic about the reduced content of ferritin in the blood. After 5 meta-therapy procedures, the results changed just before our eyes! ”

Natalia, 41 years old, Russia:

“For many years she suffered from headaches, insomnia, and temperature of unknown origin. In Mitra Clinics, they diagnosed and revealed rather unexpected problems. Now I understand what I have to work with ”

Valery, 33 years old, Russia:

“I came to a full scan with one pain, along the way, completely different problems came to light. I advise everyone! ”

Natalia, 35 years old, Russia:

“My problem is the pituitary adenoma. Testing on the device confirmed all my guesses, and helped to find a way to solve the problem. I recommend to all".

Aydin, 23 years old, Russia:

“I took tests for bacterial infections in different laboratories, all gave different results. A study on the device showed that I have no infectious diseases, and my problems are completely different, and meta-therapy has significantly improved my well-being. ”

Anastasia, 20 years old, Russia:

“I could not find the cause of the problems with the stomach, all tests and ultrasound did not reveal abnormalities. Мedical examination showed the exact cause of my ill health. I advise everyone to this procedure. ”

What methods of correction, health promotion
and rejuvenation do we use?


Metacorrection - therapy through healthy frequency.

The hardware-software system (see Section Diagnostics and Consultation) includes a system of healing feedback from the patient, which makes it possible to configure all of his cells and tissues for healthy functioning.



“Natural medicine”, which kicks off self-healing and regeneration processes in the body. A soft, non-traumatic effect without any contraindications allows to gradually restore health by literally reversing the biological clock.



Treatment of various disorders with medicinal mushrooms, including shiitake - a traditional healing method in China, Japan, East Asia. Mushrooms are considered a special form of life that combines features of the animal and plant world. They are rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fungotherapy has antibacterial, anti-tumour, antirheumatic effects.



This homeopathic technique developed by a German physician Reckeweg is based on the removal of toxins from the body that caused the development of various pathologies.


Classical homeopathy.

“Treatment of the like with the like” using microdoses of dozens of different biologically active substances.


Vitamin complexes
and dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements that are essential for the body’s ability to maintain its health status and increase the functionality of organs and systems. We use supplements directed both on solving specific problems and on general improvement of the overall condition.


Reflexotherapy, hirudotherapy, massages

and other wellness-driven and energy-enhancing techniques that help release hidden potentials and reserves of the body.



Active cleanse directed at activation of toxin removal from the body. Detoxification facilitates function of internal organs, improves working ability, normalises weight, improves general appearance.



Treatment of hundreds of diseases with infusions, extracts and decoctions of medicinal plants, from widely known across central Russia to exotic, and especially valuable, from around the world.



The introduction of homeopathic medicines into biologically active (acupuncture) points of the body. Combination of acupuncture with the effect of homeopathic remedies allows to achieve the maximum effectiveness of therapy.


Physiological regulating medicine (PRM).

An innovative trend aimed at restoring the physiological balance of the body using its own substances (enzymes, hormones).


Step autohemotherapy according
to Reckeweg.

Rejuvenation technique involved the use of the patient’s own blood in microdoses diluted in homeopathic medicines. The combination enhances the effectiveness of both autohemotherapy and homeopathic medicines.


Osteopathy and craniosacral manual therapy.

“Manual correction” of the body by experienced physicians. It has a harmonising effect on the function of all organs and systems.



We use innovative methods of skin and hair rejuvenation, including platelet-rich plasma therapy (plasmolifting and true PRP), biorevitalisation, collagen therapy, placental therapy, contouring, thread lifting and the latest global cosmetic trends.

Who works in biohacking
at Mitra Clinic

Markin Yuriy Vladimirovich

physician with 45 years of experience,
Chief Doctor of Mitra Clinic

Endocrinologist, homeopath, internist, reflexologist, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician

Specialises in treatment of psychological and emotional disorders, endocrine diseases, diseases of the autonomic nervous system; musculoskeletal system; issues of weakened immunity system


Author of dozens of medical articles
Completed professional development programme at the St. Petersburg I. I. Mechnikov State Medical Academy, at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, the Federal Scientific Clinical and Experimental Centre for Traditional Methods of Treatment and Diagnostics of the Russian Ministry of Health, as well as in Germany and Italy.

Malkov Roman Evgenevich

physician with 30 years of experience

Nutritionist, naturopath, homeopath, physiotherapist, sports medicine doctor and physical therapists

Specialises in treatment of depression, chronic fatigue, decreased mental and physical performance, chronic diseases, conditions of the musculoskeletal system, problems of weakened immune system in cancer patients, obesity (including reducing sugar dependence and insulin resistance). Prolongation of life and anti-aging medicine.


Member of the American College of Sports Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Author of numerous publications on the issues of nutrition.
For many years he worked in the USA, providing medical assistance to leading businessmen and investment bankers from the Wall Street.
Author of the Carb Cycling Diet that has achieved global recognition.

Khadikov Ioann Vladimirovich

physician with 6 years of clinical experience

Chiropractor, osteopath, neurologist, reflexologist

Conducts diagnostic procedures and treatment of both the musculoskeletal system and the internal organs and systems of the human body; psychosomatic conditions. Treats women during pregnancy and helps with recovery after childbirth.
Specialises in treatment of disorders of the joints and spine, osteoporosis, muscle pain with hypotension and hypertension, headaches, migraines, lightheadedness, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, autonomic dysfunction; functional disorders of internal organs, sleep disorders, emotional disorders and depression.


+ Successful clinical experience in treatment of patients with various pathologies.
+ Thankful clients who recommend a physician to family and friends.
+ Continuous accumulation of experience and studying of prospective medical technologies

Chebotareva Galina Evgenievna

physician with 34 years of experience

Endocrinologist, ultrasound specialist

Specialises in general clinical assessment of the state of organs and systems, treatment of the disorders of thyroid and parathyroid glands,
various types of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism, including prevention and treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity. Determines treatment for diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary region and metabolic diseases of the skeleton, adrenal glands.


Board certified physician
Author of over 40 scientific publications and speeches at relevant events
Received an honorary medal
“In Commemoration of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow” BN 0328280 on 26.02.1997

Samokhvalova Vera Mikhailovna

physician with 25 years of experience

Obstetrician, gynaecologist-endocrinologist, hirudotherapist

Specialises in treatment of gynaecological and endocrine disorders, including female infertility, in management of pregnancy, small gynaecological surgeries, colposcopy, hirudotherapy both in gynaecology and in treatment of diseases of other internal organs and systems.


Member of the Association of Gynaecologists and Endocrinologists of Russia
Member of Russian Menopause Society
Member of the International Symposium “Advances in Reproductive Medicine and Genetics.”

Worked as an obstetrician-gynaecologist, gynaecologist-endocrinologist at Clinic No. 1 of the Medical Centre of the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian FederationFor 13 years, worked as an obstetrician-gynaecologist, gynaecologist-endocrinologist, hirudotherapist at the clinic “Mother and Child” (Moscow, Savelovskaya)

Mary Shafi-Zade

physician with 23 years of experience

Cosmetologist, hirudotherapist

Specialises in the development of customised anti-aging programs in cosmetology, provides treatment of skin disorders and disorders of the scalp in men and women, platelet rich plasma mesotherapy of the face, body and hair, biorevitalisation, collagen and placental therapy, cosmetic massages, hardware cosmetology, use of hirudotherapy for medical and cosmetic purposes


Completed medical residency with a degree in Dermatovenereology at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)
Continuously works on improving her qualifications and learning new technologies. Completed an advanced education course in Hirudotherapy in 2011
Member of the Second International Meeting of Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Medicine

Why do people trust us?

Mitra Clinic is an establishment that has no analogues in Russia and is popular beyond its borders

8 out of 10 of our patients are referred to our clinic by friends, family or co-workers

Mitra Clinic is the first private clinic in Moscow where our providers not only treat your symptoms, but identify the root causes of the disease

Mitra Clinic, licence ЛО-77-01-017857
dated April 9, 2019



Hundreds of patients chose biohacking at Mitra Clinic because…

…All diagnostic examinations and consultations can be provided at one facility by specialists with highest levels of qualification

…Biohacking has no contraindications because it is a physiological method of fine-tuning the body for healthy life and longevity

…With minimal interventions, biohacking methods allow us to create a holistic "health and risk map" for each individual patient

…The cost of biohacking is paid back many times over through reduction in the number of required medications and the need for medical attention

…Patients keep all test results in a form of an informative and fashionably designed booklet

is a certain path
to a successful, healthy, active and long life!

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